Welcome to aaNet

Welcome to aaNet ADSL Broadband, this is your Welcome Pack!

In addition to this welcome pack you might wish to visit our website and download or print the installation page/s under the helpdesk section.

Please use this document as a guide on connecting to and using your new aaNet ADSL Broadband service.

Here we also provided you with other important things you will need to know to get the most out of your new aaNet ADSL account. You are welcome to try connecting after you have received this email as in some cases your line may be activated earlier than expected. But please do NOT ring us if your connection is not working before the activation date you have been provided.

Using the links provided below, you can find information on all aspects of your account. Thanks again and it is great to soon have you onboard.


Configuring your Modem and Connecting
Logging into the members section
Configuring your email addresses
Monitoring your usage
Joining our Forum
Accessing my Webmail
Configuring my webspace
Viewing and Saving my Invoices


Troubles configuring modem and connecting
My Link/ADSL light keeps flashing
I can't log into the members section
Problem configuring email
Problems monitoring my usage
I can't join the forums
Can't log into webmail
My webspace isn't working

Configuring your Modem and Connecting top

The first thing you need to do is connect to your modem so you can set it up to use our service.
PLEASE NOTE: ADSL is an 'always on' connection. Once you have your modem configured correctly you should not turn it off.

If your modem is second hand or you have churned from another provider:

Please reset your modem to defaults if you have churned from another provider or your modem is second hand. Refer to your manual on instructions how to do this.

If your modem is new:

Please refer to the instruction manual included with your modem for setup instructions.

Settings for your modem:

If you have purchased a modem from us, all your settings will be automatic/correct and ready to use. If your modem is not from us your modem would have come with detailed instructions of how to connect to enter these details. If your modem & PC both have USB & Ethernet, Ethernet is recommended. aaNet helpdesk does not support USB connection issues.

Service name: Please leave this field BLANK
Username: 0299998888@aanet.com.au (Your 10 digit telephone number @aanet.com.au)
Password: pt8888 (pt and the last four digits of YOUR telephone number)

Other Settings you might like to know

Settings for your modem are below, it is not recommended that you enter these manually.

Disconnect timeout: 0
Mode/Wan Connection Type: PPPoE LLC (recommended) or PPPoA (speedtouch pro's may need to set to VCMUX in order to work)
VPI: 8
VCI: 35
Bridge Mode: Disabled
Network Address Translation: SUA Only (affects "Billion" modems)

If you need to enter DNS settings manually, they are as follows (please let your modem auto discover DNS, only enter manually if your modem doesn't support that):

Primary DNS  
Secondary DNS

If you have found after this process the status is still "Not Connected" please refer to the troubleshooting section of this welcome pack for possible reasons and fix's.  

If you are NOT using a modem provided by aaNet the process may be different and you will need to refer to your manual. You will need to enter the username and password in your modem to connect to the aaNet service regardless of which modem brand you have.

Logging into the member's section top

The members section is very important and provides you with the ability to change your plan, change your billing details, change your connection password. It also gives you the ability to change and delete your email addresses, create/delete personal web space and to monitor your usage and view your invoices.

You can find the member section at https://www.aanet.com.au/members . Notice that your IP address is provided here for your your reference.

To log into the members section use the following details.
Example uses telephone number 0299998888
Username: 0299998888
Password: member (your password is set to member by default. Please change it the first time you log in)

Note: you cannot log into the members section until you have logged on to the aaNet ADSL broadband service at least once.

If you are having trouble logging into the members section using these details then check the troubleshooting section on logging into the members section.

Configuring your email addresses top

Configuring your email addresses is a two step process. Step 1 you need to create email your email account. Step 2 you need to configure your email client to download your email. This is as easy as logging into the member's section and selecting "Manage Email Addresses". Using this page enter the email that you wish to have with the desired password. These are the settings you must remember when setting this up in your mail client.

You can view our video on creating email accounts here : http://www.aanet.com.au/email/members.html

If you know how to do this already then the settings and instructions are provided are below.

Mail Client Settings (for this example we configured an email address for Joe Bloggs, bloggy@aanet.com.au)
Username: bloggy@aanet.com.au
Password: The password specified when creating the email address in the members section
Incoming Mail Server(POP3): mail.aanet.com.au
Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP): mail.aanet.com.au

Setup your account in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

1) With Microsoft Outlook open, select Tools>>Accounts. With the mail accounts window open select Add>>Mail.

2) Type in your display name as you wish other to see it when they receive email from you, click next.

3) Enter the full email address, bloggy@aanet.com.au for example, click next.

4) You are now required to enter the address of the incoming and outgoing mail server, remembering from above these are both mail.aanet.com.au, click next.

5) You are now required to enter your username and password for this account, remembering these from above the username is the entire email address, e.g:bloggy@aanet.com.au and the password we specified when creating the email address in the members section.

Note: Pay careful attention to entering the username as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express defaults the username to what's before the @aanet.com.au, in this case of bloggy@aanet.com.au it will set the username by default to "bloggy". Make sure you change the username to the entire email address, in this case bloggy@aanet.com.au. After doing this click next.

6) You will be required to select the internet connection you wish to use for this email account, you will need to select "My Local Area Connection [LAN]" for this option, click next.

7) You are now finished setting up your email.

You can also view videos on how to set up the following email clients here :

Outlook Express

For other email clients and mobile phone email setup you can find plenty of instructional video by searching www.youtube.com

Setup your account in Thunderbird

1) With Thunderbird open select tools>>account settings. Put your details into the first page, account name and email address both yourname@aanet.com.au.

2) Click on server settings, your server name is mail.aanet.com.au, account name is yourname@aanet.com.au. Be sure that "Use secure Authentication AND Connection" are both UNTICKED.

3) Click on outgoing server SMTP. Server name will be mail.aanet.com.au, tick username and password. Your username will be yourname@aanet.com.au. Be sure that "Use secure Connection" is set to "NO".

4) You can now access your mail, when clicking the get mail button it will prompt you for a password for the account. This is the password YOU set when creating the email accounts.

Setup your account in Eudora

1) With Eudora open select tools>>options. Click on 'Checking Mail'. Your mail server needs to be set to mail.aanet.com.au and your login name to yourname@aanet.com.au Secure Sockets when Receiving must be set to "No".

2) Click on incoming mail, your incoming mail server is a POP server. Make sure authentication style is set to "Password"

3) Click on "Sending Mail". Your SMTP mail server is mail.aanet.com.au . Make sure "Allow Authentication" is unticked and "Secure sockets when sending" is set to 'never.

4) You can now access your mail, when clicking the get mail button it will prompt you for a password for the account. This is the password YOU set when creating the email accounts.

The above settings are fairly the same for most mail clients, although some things may differ slightly between mail clients, this is a matter of thoroughly knowing your mail client and checking its FAQ and help files.

You can also watch our video on how to set up Eudora here : Setting up Eudora Email client

Monitoring your usage top

Monitoring your usage is easy! There are two ways to monitor your usage, you can log into the members section and click on "Usage Statistics" on the left hand side to view your stats (this is updated hourly). Alternatively you can log onto the usage meter section of our members forum  to download a software usage meter written by one of the aaNet forum members. Please note aaNet Helpdesk do not support this software.

Joining our Forum top

The aaNet forum is a great place to chat to other aaNet users and get the latest information for our services. It is also a great place to troubleshoot your problems, our technical support crew are always hovering around as are other helpful users who may have had the same problem you are having, and know exactly how to fix it. You can signup to the forum by using our signup form and forum access is free. Once an account is created you can access it easily by pointing your browser to http://forums.aanet.com.au , You will have to create yourself a username, and activate it by checking your email after signing up.

Official aaNet Notifications are posted here. The aaNet forums are run by aaNet users just like you and you will be very welcome!

Accessing my Web mail top

To access your email from any computer anywhere in the world, simply log into our web mail utility. This can be located at http://mail.aanet.com.au/. To log in, use the same details as you would to configure your email at home.
For this example we are using Joe Blogg's email address bloggy@aanet.com.au.
Name: bloggy@aanet.com.au
Password: This is the password specified in the member's section when creating your email address.

If you have a problem with any of this. Just log on to the forums and someone will help you out nearly immediatley.

Configuring my web space top

We have supplied a short Video to help you do this here http://www.aanet.com.au/webspace_setup.html

Alternatively to configure your web space firstly log into the members section, https://www.aanet.com.au/members .After doing so click on "Web Space/FTP Tools" on the left menu, then "Create Account". You must select the name of your web space in the first text box followed by the password you desire for this web space. Clicking on "Change Password" allows you to change the password for your account when ftp'ing to the homepage to upload your files.

To view your webpage simply point your browser to http://web.aanet.net.au/nameyoucreated/ 

Once you have created the web pages you wish to appear on your free aaNet web space, you need to upload them from your local computer to the aaNet Server. To do this, you use a protocol called File Transfer Protocol, or FTP. There are a variety of FTP programs available for you to use. You can also use your web browser to connect via FTP.

FTP Details

Server: web.aanet.net.au

Login: Your web space name (e.g.nameyoucreated)

Password: Password you specified when creating web space

How To Upload File using Internet Explorer

To Use Internet Explorer To Upload Your Files First enter the location/address as:

ftp://nameyoucreated@web.aanet.net.au (e.g. ftp://nameyoucreated@web.aanet.net.au would connect to http://web.aanet.net.au/nameyoucreated)

Then, specify your password.

Viewing and Saving my invoices top

To view your invoices you will need to log into the members section of aaNet and click on "Your Invoices". From here you can view the invoices for any transactions made between you and aaNet for the last three months and sometimes longer. We do not back up your invoices though, so to save or print your invoice simply click on the invoice you would like to save/print. This brings the invoice up in a separate window, from your web browser simply choose file>>print to print the invoice or file>>'save page as' to save your invoice into text or html format for later use. Please note that aaNet only provide invoices for the previous 60 days. So if you need your invoices for tax purposes or just for bookkeeping please save your invoice to your local computer.

Troubles configuring modem and connecting top

I can't connect to the modem's web interface

If you are having troubles connecting to your modem web interface ensure that your network or USB cable is in correctly. If so, perform a factory reset on the modem by holding the reset button located at the back for 10 seconds while the modem is on (this will require a pin or pen to hold it in). Give the modem 30 seconds or so to reset and start up again. After about 30 seconds give it another go connecting to the ip address specified in your manual if still not prompting for your username and password turn OFF the modem using the power button located at the back and leave off for 30 seconds, after which turn it back on. Try once more connecting to your modem, if you are still having problems it may be an issue with your Internet Explorer settings. By going to "Tools>>Internet Options>>Connections" with Internet Explorer allows you to view your network connection settings. Ensure that "Never dial a connection" is checked, clicking on "LAN Settings" make sure that NOTHING is checked in this section, be sure to uncheck anything that is checked and click OK and apply the settings. If still troubles contact the manufacturer for further assistance on this issue if not resolved

Release and Renew your IP address. You can do this by clicking on Start>>Run>>Type "CMD" and hit OK. In this resulting command prompt window type "ipconfig /release" and hit enter. The PC may take time to release its current IP address, once done type "ipconfig /renew", this will request a new IP address from the modem. After a new IP address has been received, try connecting again.

If you are still having problems you will find detailed instructions here, http://www.aanet.com.au/installation.html that contain pictures to help you along. If you have done everything required at the above link which also shows you how to plug in your modem and install your filters you might need to call the modem manufacture.

Various Manufacturer Support Lines top

Billion: 02 9424 2070
D-Link: 1300 766 868
Billion: 1300 139 159
Alcatel: http://www.speedtouchdsl.com/support.htm
Webexcel: http://www.protac.net.au/listProduct.asp?cat=MODE M&type=ADSL
Dynalink: 1800 653 962
Netgear: 1800 787 638
Open (501r): 03 9656 5111

If your modem brand is not listed here check your modem user manual for the support number.

Note: depending on your manufacturer and model of your modem, connecting to the modem's web interface by typing in an internet browser may not work. For some modems this can be done by, and others may not have a web interface at all, in which case you will need to consult your modem manual and use the utility that comes with the modem to configure it. We DO NOT have the expertise to configure and fix every type of modem; we offer thorough support for Billion modems, and basic support for other types. Please do not expect detailed troubleshooting from our Technical Support for modems not provided by us.

I can connect to the modem but cannot login

If this is the case; performing a factory reset on your modem will reset the username and password back to the default located in the modem manual. Remember doing this factory reset will cause you to lose ALL your settings for the modem, and you will have to put your information and details back into it for most modems this will just be your username and password.

My modem settings seem to be fine, but status is 'not connected'

Double check your username and password are entered correctly, this would stop you from connecting as would using a capital letter in your username, remember it is all lower case e.g: 0299998888@aanet.com.au, check other settings also by referring to the section for configuring your modem. Perform a factory reset on your modem, holding the reset button in for 10 seconds and allowing it time to reboot. Your will find your settings have gone back to default and you will need to enter your details in once more, do this, save the settings and reboot again.

2) Double check your internet connection settings by selecting Tools>>Internet Options>>Connections" with Internet Explorer allows you to view your network connection settings. Ensure that "Never dial a connection" is checked, clicking on "LAN Settings" make sure that NOTHING is checked in this section, be sure to uncheck anything that is checked and click OK and apply the settings.

3) In some cases your modem configuration may be correct; we need to start looking at other causes for you not connecting. This most obvious one being that you have not been activated yet, please remember that receiving this welcome pack does not mean that your service has been activated, it simply means Telstra plan to activate you on the date specified on our website. When you are activated you will receive a confirmation from either aaNet or Telstra notifying you. Please do not ring or worry about not being able to connect until you have received this confirmation from aaNet or Telstra.

In the event that you HAVE received a confirmation from either aaNet or Telstra make sure that you do not have a line filter on the line the modem is connected to, as this will filter out ADSL signals, the signals that a modem needs to connect you to the internet. Make sure filters are on all your phones and NOT the phone line the modem is on. Other cause may be line splitters, if you do have a line splitter ensure that you have your line filter fitted on the phone AFTER the splitter, the correct order should be phone line>splitter>filter>phone and modem, not phone line>filter>splitter>phone and modem, if you do not have a line splitter disregard checking this, if you are not sure whether you have a line splitter or not, you most probably do not.

My modem says 'connected', but I cannot surf

Make sure that you Internet Explorer, or other web browser client are configured correctly. To do this in Internet Explorer select Tools>>Internet Options>>Connections" with Internet Explorer allows you to view your network connection settings. Ensure that "Never dial a connection" is checked, clicking on "LAN Settings" make sure that NOTHING is checked in this section, be sure to uncheck anything that is checked and click OK and apply the settings.

Still not working? Release and Renew your IP address. Your can do this by clicking on Start>>Run>>Type "CMD" and hit OK. In this resulting command prompt window type "ipconfig /release" and hit enter. The PC may take time to release it's current IP address, once done type "ipconfig /renew", this will request a new IP address from the modem. After a new IP address has been received, try surfing again.

My Link/ADSL Light keeps flashing or does not flash at all top

If you have plugged your phone line into your modem after your activation is completed and your link light keeps flashing then this means you are not getting any 'line sync'. In this situation there are a couple of things you can try to resolve this issue before ringing aaNet.

a) There should NOT be a filter on the phone line going to the modem. If there is remove it straight away.

b) You have a fax or phone in on the same number that is not filtered. You MUST filter every 'device' on the same number as your ADSL.

c) If you have Foxtel Digital then you will realise that your phone line is used for 'pay per view' movies. This phone line MUST be filtered also, perhaps even two filters to remove the codes that stops you from getting line sync. Test it with this phone line unplugged and check whether you get line sync or not.

d) You have some sort of alarm system, e.g: back to base. Alarm systems may have interfering signals and this should be taken up with your alarm provider (please note: aaNet is NOT responsible for any cost in exploring this problem if it is or is NOT the fault on your line)

If you have explored all these options and find you are still not receiving line sync you will need to call aaNet on 1300 665 076 and further action can be taken.

I can't log into the member's section top

Double check the members section details specified above. If you are not using your 10-digit telephone number (no @aanet.com.au) with the password member you will not be able to login. If you have logged in previously and changed your password, there is a request password reset on the login page you can use.

If your browser is not saying 'Invalid Username/Password' and it taking you back to the main page it could be an Internet Explorer settings issue. To resolve this follow the instructions below.

1) Open up internet explorer, select Tools>>Internet Options.
2) On the general tab delete all existing cookies.
3) Click onto the Security Tab, select 'custom level' select 'low' and hit the reset button. OK this and hit the apply button.
4) Click onto the Privacy tab, drag the privacy bar all the way to the bottom to 'accept all cookies'. Click apply.
5) Click onto the advanced tab, hit the 'restore defaults' button. Hit Apply.
6) Close Internet Explorer and Restart your PC. You should now be able to login fine. If you are still having troubles try running an update of your Internet Explorer.

Problem configuring email top

If you are having troubles configuring your email in your mail client. Ensure that your username is the entire email address, for example myemailaddress@aanet.com.au is the username. If You are receiving Authentication errors double check you have no SSL or special authentication settings checked in your mail client configuration. Double check the incoming and outgoing mail servers are both mail.aanet.com.au. A good way to troubleshoot your username and/or password is to log into our web mail client, http://mail.aanet.com.au/. If you can log into web mail using the above settings then it is a problem with your mail settings. If you are using a mail client that is not Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express then refer to the FAQ and help pages for that particular mail client for problems.

Problems monitoring my usage top

If you have a problem with the usage monitor on our website or the aaNet Usage Meter available for download at our members forum make sure you are entering your correct phone number and password for your service. Any issues with the software usage meter needs to go to the forum to get this problem resolved as aaNet do not support the software usage meters.

I can't join or access the forums top

If you are having troubles signing up to or accessing the forums, make sure you are using the correct username/password. Remember an account is not created on the forums for you when you signup, you are manually required to signup using the signup form (and click the activation link in your email after signing up). It is advised that you do not put any personal details in your account on the forum.

Can't log into web mail top

Before attempting to log into your web mail, make sure that you have created your email address in the member's section. If it is created double-check the username and password (ensuring you are using the ENTIRE email address as the username). If still having problems visit our forum and somebody should be able to help you with the problem.

My web space isn't working top

If you are having troubles creating your web space try creating it with a different name, the name you are selecting may be taken. Double check the passwords match when creating the web space. Other problems may be specific to your account and/or what you are uploading to your site. You can always visit our aaNet Forum for further help on how to configure and maintain your web space.

PLEASE NOTE : aaNet's Helpdesk DOES NOT SUPPORT FREE WEBSPACE for assistance please visit the aaNet user forums