Setting up your aaNet personal webspace

aaNet has provided you with some webspace that you can use for your personal files. Please note this is not a recommended solution for business purposes although you are welcome to use it for this purpose.

For more information please click on the link or the picture below.

video below on Creating your Webspace :

The web server is configured with the following :

MySQL 4.1.7 Max, PHP 5.0.2, Apache 2.0.52

To configure your personal webspace you will have to login to your members section and create a webspace name. We have provided a video below to show you how to create your webspace and then how to access it via FTP.

The web address (also refered to as URL) of your website will be in the format below:<chosen name>

FTP Details


Login: Your web space name (e.g. mywebspace)

Password: Password you specified when creating web space

How To Upload File using Internet Explorer

To Use Internet Explorer To Upload Your Files First enter the location/address as: (e.g. would connect to

Then, specify your password.

You can get your free FTP Client here : Smart FTP

PLEASE NOTE : aaNET HelpDesk do not support problems relating to Webspace. Please visit our forums if you have any questions