aaNet announces VDSL2-capable infrastructure build

aaNet is very pleased to announce the introduction of one of Australia’s most advanced Broadband Internet networks, capable of delivering multiple DSL connection platforms. This includes the ability to deliver VDSL2, the latest in Broadband Internet technology, which is to be offered to the Australian market in the very near future.

This equipment will be installed in exchanges throughout Australia, and will allow aaNet to deliver Broadband speeds 4 times faster than ADSL2+ and 12 times faster than ADSL – speeds superior to those currently offered by other carriers on the public copper network.

The Team at aaNet believe that Australians deserve access to services that match those available in other advanced nations around the world, and have been working hard to enable delivery of this outcome.

What is VDSL2?
VDSL2, or ‘Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line’, is the fastest DSL technology currently available in Australia. VDSL2 is capable of delivering significantly higher speeds at greater distances from the exchange than existing DSL offerings and enables aaNet to provide a greater range of voice, data and video services at affordable prices.

aaNet VDSL2 product provides Australian residential and business consumers with greater choice, supreme performance and ultra-reliability.

VDSL2 Benefits:

  • Access to one of the fastest broadband networks available in Australia
  • Simple speed and technology upgrades – move from 256kbps to 100Mbps and from DSL to VDSL with minimal service disruption
  • Improved customer support
  • Faster resolution times

Register your interest!
If you would like to access VDSL2 from your local exchange, then please record your interest! Your feedback will help aaNet to select exchanges for upcoming network expansions. There may be, however, only a limited number of ports available in each exchange. You can avoid missing out by reserving your position on the network in advance. To see if VDSL2 will be available in your area in the near future and to reserve your port, please click on the ‘Register Your Interest’ button below. An aaNet representative will contact you when the technology is ready to be activated.

Further Information

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