Unlimited Broadband Plans

Unlimited Broadband - Starting from $30 per month

ADSL2+ Plans Unbundled Price Min. Cost 12 Mths Min. Cost 24 mths Download speed Quota Summary
Metro Unlimited $50.00
$669 $1200 ADSL2+ or ADSL1MAX Unlimited Critical Information Summary
Regional Unlimited $70.00
$909 $1680 ADSL2+ or ADSL1MAX Unlimited Critical Information Summary

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aaNet ADSL Plans

aaNet offers a range of great value broadband ADSL2+ plans to best suit your internet needs. By using our own high speed network infrastructure, we are able to provide internet users across Australia with access to cheap, fast, reliable and easy to use broadband services.

aaNet Plan Features

  • 20 free e-mail accounts
  • 50MB webspace
  • Access to our easy-to-use MyAccount toolbox
  • Dynamic IP address

Contract Options

Our flexible contract options are designed to make your swtich to aaNet easy and stress free.

We also offer FREE connection to customers who sign up to an 24 month contract.

Contract Period Set-up Fee Transfer Fee Termination Fees
12 Months $69.00 $69.00 A maximum early termination fee of $350 applies if you cancel your service within the contracted period.
24 Months $0.00 $0.00

Home Phone - View our Talk Home Phone details here

Max Speed Guarantee
aaNet will always connect you at the fastest available speed using either ADSL2+ or Open ADSL1 depending on service availability within our Network or wholesale partner networks. aaNet will attempt to first connect your service using ADSL2 then open ADSL1.

The actual speed of your service will depend on a number of things, such as the distance between your premises and the telephone exchange, the quality of the copper telephone lines in your area, network load and your computer hardware.

Plan change fees

Service Change Type Fee
Plan change fee $39.00 To change your aaNet service to another plan.

ADSL hardware To use your broadband service, you will require an ADSL modem. You have the option of purchasing an aaNet Modem or supplying your own.

Other conditions
The actual speed you experience depends on a number of factors including your equipment, the quality and location of your line, how your connection is from the local telephone exchange, the you are using, the capacity and speed of our systems, the systems of suppliers and the Internet generally. For these reasons, you should expect your actual speed to be at or near the theoretical maximum.

A $15.95 Hardware delivery fee applies.

aaNet acts as a reseller of Telstra fixed line and DSL broadband services. aaNet is responsible in supplying these services to our customers and we have no other affiliation or relationship with our wholesalers outside of our wholesale agreements.

Some existing customers may be on Optus network. This can be confirmed by Customer Service on 1300 665 076.