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1) Questions on Connecting to aaNet.

2) Questions on Email and Web space

3) Questions on Usage and Service

4) Questions on Connection and Service Problems

5) What problems does the aaNet helpdesk support

How do I configure my modem?

If your modem is new the default settings should work straight out of the box, but if it is second hand or used with another ISP we request you set it back to factory defaults. This is the quickest and simplest method to get you going.

The information on how to do this will be in the manual that came with your modem. aaNet only supports Billion modems that you have purchased from aaNet.

You simply need to log on to your modem as per the instructions in your modem manual and enter your username and password. All other settings should work with factory defaults on nearly all modems.

What is my static IP and gateway addresses?

Both of these addresses are automatically assigned when you connect to the aaNet ADSL service and you should not need to configure these.

If you try and set them manually in your modem settings, in all likelihood it will not work and may stop you being able to access the Internet at all.

Your permanent static IP address is displayed in the member's area page. Read more about aaNet static IPs.

What is my username and Password?

There are three (3) usernames and passwords that are all different and you will need to keep track of these. There is a fee for password recovery so please write these down in a safe place.

1) The one to log on to your modem and you will find this is your modem manual.

2) The one to log on to the aaNet network and you need to enter this once you have logged into your modem.

3) The one for your members section that allows you to change your contact and credit card details as well as keep track of your usage and create your email addresses.

Your aaNet ADSL username and password are provided to you in your welcome pack.

The User Facilities username is your 10 digit phone number only, your password is provided to you in your welcome pack.

I've just found out I am connected what now?

Please follow the instructions in the welcome pack before trying to configure this yourself, you will more then likely run into troubles if you do not follow these instructions.

If you find you still can't connect, try resetting the modem to factory defaults and start again remembering only to enter your username and password...On a Billion modem you will need keep the reset button at the back depressed for 10-15 for other modems please refer to your manual.

I have just received my modem and I have plugged it in and the sync light is solid, does this mean I can use it?

There is a chance your circuit is ready to use even though it is before the ‘official' connection date.

Follow the set up instructions in your welcome pack.

If this does not work, please don't call us as your service has probably not been activated yet. You can check your connection status.

I have plugged the modem in and the sync or WAN LNK light is still flashing....Why?

Please read the troubleshooting section of the welcome pack.

Make sure you do not have a security system, or, if you do, that it has a central splitter installed before it goes into the security system.

Make sure that you do not have Foxtel digital installed on the ADSL line or make sure it is filtered.

Every Phone must be filtered. If you are in doubt unplug all the phones and see if your WAN link goes solid

If you still have a problem you can visit our forums, our staff monitor these forums and are there to help you.

How do I configure my email?

You can log into your member's page to configure your email. After you have created your accounts your configure your client program like the diagram below.

Email Settings:

POP3: mail.aanet.com.au

SMTP: mail.aanet.com.au

How much is the quota for my email/web space?

  • You have up 15 email addresses you can set up for your self.
  • Your total email storage capacity is 500 Mbytes for ALL your accounts.
  • You have 60 Mbytes capacity for your web space.

Can I use the free 60mb web space to set up a website with my own domain name?

No. You need to apply for chargeable aaNet Hosting services if you want to do that.

I Have an email address under a different provider and I can receive emails but I cannot send. What is the problem?

Most, if not all, ISP's do not allow relaying, that is, do not allow email to be sent via their server from another ISP's service.

You should only use the aaNet SMTP server to send email while you are connected to the aaNet service.

My website/ftp is not working

Please review the instructions for web site set up in the member section here.

I can send e-mails but not receive... why?

The password you have used for your email account is probably wrong. Make sure it matches the password you set up in the email section of your members area.

The account name you are using is wrong. Your email account name is NOT your ADSL user name. Your email account name is the ENTIRE email address you are connecting to.

Your email client still has your old ISP email account details in it.

When does the usage meter reset?

At just after midnight on the last day of your billing month.

What is free traffic?

Any traffic under your plan quota is ‘free'.

Where can I track my usage online?

You can log into your member page hereto check your usage stats.

Your User Facilities user name is your ten digit telephone number.

Your Password will get emailed to you.

What happens when my contract runs out?

You can cancel your contract at the end of the last month without penalty.

If you choose not to cancel your contract is automatically extended on a ‘month by month' basis if the plan you are using is still current.

My ADSL has stopped working. What do I do to re-establish the connection?

The best first step is to turn your modem off, wait 20 seconds and then turn it back on again.

If you have changed any settings on your PC or modem, change them back, then try again.

If you have changed things too much or can't remember how to change back, try setting up your modem again, first reset it to factory defaults.

If nothing has changed and you have powered the modem off and on, yet you still can't connect, and you have read through our support FAQ, send an email to support@aanet.com.au stating your exact problem and any error messages that you may feel would be useful for us. We will attend to your email as quickly as possible and log a call for the issue. One of our technicians will contact you ASAP regarding it (note: Depending of the severity of the problem, a reply on the same day as submission is not always possible).

I have configured my modem and put the username and password in and it's not connecting...what's wrong?

Re-read the Troubleshooting guide at the end of your order confirmation.

After thoroughly reading through our support FAQ, send an email ( click here) stating your exact error message, and, if you are an existing user, the time of failure and we will log a help desk call for a technician to contact you.

I know I have a connection because the two computers are flashing in my system tray but I can't get out to the internet...why?

Your web browser still has the proxy settings from your previous ISP. Go into the setup/options area of your web browser and turn of any proxy or auto detect settings.

Your LAN settings still have the IP address and/or Name Server addresses of your previous ISP. Go into the LAN -> TCP/IP configuration and change them to the aaNet settings (Auto detect is the best option if you are unsure)

You have manually set the WAN IP address of your modem. Delete this and set it to Auto detect.

I can't access certain websites.

Sometimes websites are down.

Sometimes there is a routing problem stopping you accessing a particular site.

Send an email to ( click here) and we will investigate it.

My connection seems slow.

Other traffic on your link, such as if you are using peer-2-peer programs, downloading, accessing multimedia sites or having several users using the Internet at the same time will slow down your connection.

My ADSL service is connected but the speed is not correct.

Email aaNet about this matter, click here

Does the helpdesk help me get online?

Yes this is the purpose of the helpdesk. We will work with you to resolve your connection issues. Please read our helpdesk disclaimer and our helpdesk page so you understand the way the helpdesk works. Official modem support is provided via Billion if you have purchased a modem from aaNet. Other modem problems should be addressed through your modem supplier.

Will the helpdesk help me with my email problems?

Yes the helpdesk will help you configure your email. Please first go through the aaNet email videosupplied here first.

Can I use the helpdesk for webspace problems?

No unfortunately webspace is provided free and there are too many different software packages and user specific problems to support this. We do not support webspace issues, if you are having a problem please visit our user forums and other users can help you with those problems.