What is a static IP

Static IP for ADSL Customer FAQs 

What is a Static IP? What does it allow?

An IP address is like a phone number to your computer. It enables communications to from one PC to another. You must always have one in order to communicate on the internet.

There are only two types of IP address, either static or dynamic. Static means it stays the same until you leave your service provider or change it. Dynamic means you get an IP automatically assigned from a queue each time you log in and it can change.

Typically, a lot of ISPs use a dynamic IP address and if the customer requires a Static IP this is an extra charge. aaNet gives you a static IP by default and this means that it is easier to run mail and web servers or use some voice programs. Some other services are easier as well like PCAnywhere and any program that needs users to contact a particular machine. 

Can I have more than one Static IP address with my Static IP for ADSL service?

No. Please note that a single primary user login can only have one Static IP address per aaNet ADSL service.

Can a customer request a particular Static IP address?

No, customers are allocated a Static IP address from a Pool of available IP addresses at that time.

How do I configure my modem to cater for my Static IP for Service?

You do not need to do this as your IP is automatically assigned the address when you switch it on. If your router is second hand you will need to look up your documentation in order to restore the factory default

Can I keep my Static IP address if I no longer subscribe to the aaNet ADSL service?

No, your Static IP address is not portable and it reverts to aaNet when your Static IP for ADSL service is terminated.

Can my other users have access to Static IP?

Yes you can redirect ports on you modem so it will enable you to use the same static address for your web server as your well as say your email server that might be located on a different PC. You must have a modem that supports this configuration. Most external modems supplied by Billion will do this. 

If I am interstate can I access my Static IP address?

No, if you have a Static IP address but have logged in away from your aaNet service you will not be able to use your static IP.

How do I change my Static IP address?

You can ask to have your static address changed but it will incur a fee. Please refer to our current pricing page for the details.

How do I move my Static IP address when I move house?

If you are moving to a new location within the same State then you will be able to keep your old static IP address. You will not be able to use your Static IP service until your ADSL service is reconnected. Because IPs are allocated to phone numbers, if you wish to keep your static ip you will need to let us know you want to do this and once you have the new phone number that you will be using for the ADSL service in your new address.

Is the service compatible with all systems? Eg. Are there minimum system requirements?

No there are no minimum requirements. If your service works with a dynamic address it will also work with a static address

How am I notified of my Static IP address?

We do not notifiy you of your address. If you wish to know what it is then you can check here


if you have an internal modem and are running Windows you can press start (on your PC left hand bottom corner) then press run, and then type cmd in the dialog box and press enter.

You should now have a black screen where you can type ipconfig /all

Can I get more IPs for my other Machines.

Yes you can apply to have more IPs and there is a small cost (please refer to our current pricing page). These must be used inside your LAN as it is not possible to have more than one IP allocated to your WAN connection. We will route additional addresses to you but we cannot help you set up or configure your CPE to accommodate these additional addresses.

What are the support boundaries provided around this service?

Although the Static IP for ADSL service allows greater flexibility and the use of a range of different services, such as games, servers, and virtual private networking, aaNet cannot provide support for these services.