Issues with Security Systems

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a technology that puts high speed digital data on standard two-conductor voice-grade telephone wiring. ADSL service is most often added to an existing telephone line. When properly installed, the ADSL service and phone can be used simultaneously without interference.

When improperly installed, telephones and other equipment including security systems connected to the telephone line can cause problems with the ADSL service.

Often your modem will not detect line sync with a security system because the security system needs control of your phone signal and goes into the security system before any of your phone sockets. Before we can investigate your line sync problems we need you to make sure your security system is not interfering with the ADSL service. This means that it is mandatory for you to have isolated your security system before Telstra or aaNet will investigate the cause of your helpdesk problems. Below is a brief overview on how to do this.

How To Properly Install DSL Service

Central filter,commonly called a splitter

Picture shows a central splitter

The method to install your security system is to split the outside phone line, as it enters the house, into a DSL line and a voice line, and run separate wires to each.

Spitting the outside phone line is the method used to install your ADSL if you have a security system in most cases.

This is easier than it sounds; you need to go down to your PC shop and purchase a central splitter. Then come home and attach it to the phone line where it enters the house, in front of your security system. There is a line in socket on your splitter that is where you attach the main cable from the road. On the other side attach to the phone socket (where it says Phone) the wires that were already there. Now you are left with one free socket called modem. Attach a new piece of phone cable to this and run it to the socket on your modem. Do not put a filter on this line or it will filter out your ADSL signal and your modem will not work.

That is it, all done for a self install! If you feel that these steps are beyond your capability then it is recommended that you call a professional to do this for you.