Additional Charges that may apply

Relocation and Change of Physical Line: $99

Used: If you are changing house address this is the fee to relocate your service.

Please Note: If you are still within your contract period the Early Termination Fee is also applicable.

You will then start a new contract at your new location (as DSL will be installed on a new physical line).

Early Termination Charges

Early termination fee is capped at $350.

Calculated by Monthly Fee x Remaining Months (to a maximum of $350)

Incorrect Call-Out Fee: $150

If you report to aaNet that there is a fault on your ADSL service, often, a line tech is sent out to investigate. If our wholesale supplier determine that the fault is outside their network (such as within your premises) or that they are unable to locate a fault, they will bill an "incorrect call-out fee".

In an attempt to mitigate the possibility of charge, during the fault logging process aaNet staff will ask you to perform various tests to help you check your equipment.

aaNet staff will also advise you before reporting a fault to our suppliers about this incorrect call-out fee.

Additional IP addresses, per month charge (each): $2.00

Used: Additional IP's are available if you wish to run servers that need a public internet address. You must purchase these in blocks of 4, 8 or 16.
IP Address Change, each instance: $20.00

Used: If you request your assigned static IP address to be changed.

Plan & Speed change Fees (excl moves to promotional offers)

Plan Change - Same or more expensive monthly fee: $0.00
Used: When changing to another plan which costs the same as your current plan, or more.

Plan Change - lower monthly fee: $39.00
Used: When changing to another plan which costs less than your current plan.

Speed Change: $66.00
Used: This fee is in addition to any plan change fee, and is billed when there is a speed change involved.

Reverse DNS entry: $20.00 Once off charge.

Used: If you wish to change your aaNet supplied reverse DNS entry. This is a popular option for people who want to run their own email servers.

Dishonour Fee (Failed Payment Attempts)

Credit Card: $5.00 per instance, up to $20 maximum per Month.
Used: When your credit card bounces or is invalid for any reason. You can change your details in the Members section to avoid these charges. Please keep this up to date.

Direct Debit: $25.00
Used: As above but it applies to direct debit accounts. 
(Note: this fee was $45 until the 27/11/2008, when it was then reduced to $25)

Credit Card Payment Processing Fee

If you elect to pay your bill via credit card, a surcharge of 0.43% for Visa/Mastercard and 2.89% for Amex/Diners per payment applies.