Installing your aaNet ADSL Service

Helpdesk Disclaimer: Please read.

Please do not ring the helpdesk untill you have been through this document thoroughly.

No line sync

First check that your line has been activated. Log in to the Members Section to find out your activation status. You will not have line sync if you are not activated. Activation is a four step process and all of these need to be completed.

Your modem must have line sync for your ADSL broadband service to function. This means that the ADSL light on your modem must be on solid green. If you have two ADSL lights it means that one must be solid green and the other can be flashing which indicates activity. If you do not have at least one ADSL light on solid you do not have line sync. Please check out the links below in order to resolve this issue. Foxtel Digital set top boxes must have a filter installed or you will experience line dropouts.

Filter Configuration

Modem wiring setup

Security System

No Ethernet light on modem

Unless you have a USB modem, you will need an Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) installed in your computer. Most people will have this. If you do not have one, you can purchase one at most computer stores. The NIC should come with the instructions for installation. Please note that aaNet does not support a USB connection to any brand ADSL Modem including Billion.

You must make sure you are using a “straight through” cable to your modem, not a crossover cable. They both look the same from the outside but the wiring is different. A straight through cable is normally supplied with your modem. If the Ethernet light on your modem is not on check that your computer and modem is switched on. If your Ethernet light is still not on, you either have a faulty cable, a faulty network card in the computer or the network card is installed incorrectly. If you are unsure how to fix this problem please consult your computer technician.

Logging on to your modem

Your modem has a username and password; please consult you manual for these before proceeding to the steps below.

Quick start guide for windows 2000

Quick start guide for windows XP

Quick start guide for windows 98

Quick start guide for Linux

Quick start guide for Macintosh

Configuring your Modem

If your ADSL modem is new it should work right out of the box once you enter your "aaNet service" username and password.

If your ADSL modem is second hand please reset it to factory defaults (do not call the helpdesk until you have done this). Please see your modem manual to know how to do this. Note: you cannot use an analogue (dialup) modem - you must have a modem suitable for ADSL.

Now you need another username and password. This is the aaNet password for your ADSL service. This password is entered into the modem to allow you to use the aaNet service.

This is and will be written like this as an example Replace the numbers with your own service (phone) number.

It is very important that you get the username perfect or you will not be routed to our router and we will not be able to help you.

For more information on this please see the welcome pack