Helpdesk Disclaimer

Helpdesk information is provided in good faith and although every attempt is made for information to be accurate, this is not guaranteed. aaNet provides a working ADSL service to the customer premises boundary if your application is approved by Telstra. We do not warrant that your internal wiring or equipment is suitable to use with the service and aaNet do not take responsibility beyond the network boundary point. Similarly aaNet does not take responsibility for your software configuration and does not warrant that any software will run on the aaNet ADSL service or be responsible for end user configuration.

The aaNet helpdesk service is not sold but rather is provided as a free service for the convenience of our customers and as such no liability will be taken for advice given to aaNet customers where aaNet customers or representatives deem that advise to be inappropriate or incorrect. Any aaNet customer is welcome to use the helpdesk to help resolve ADSL issues; however it must be noted this is a free service and for legal liability issues, has not been purchased with your ADSL connection. aaNet will not be responsible for cost incurred by the customer to make the service workable in the customer environment. aaNet reserves the right to protect our helpdesk staff from any form of abuse by withdrawing the helpdesk service from the customer at any time deemed fit by aaNet management.

Moderators on the aaNet user forum are aaNet customers and do not represent or reflect the views of EFTel Ltd Trading as aaNet Communications.