Contacting the aaNet faults team

There are times when you have problems with your Internet access. aaNet provide a telephone service in which you can report a fault on your service. A fault is considered to be an inability to access the Internet. You might not be able to access the Internet for a number of reasons - such as a line fault, or a billing suspension.

The faults team are able to deal with these types of issues.

  • No Internet access at all
  • No Internet caused by a payment suspension
  • Providing username and password details for your modem

However, there are a number of other issues that the faults team are not able to assist you with. This includes;

  • Software/settings on your computer.
  • Assistance with modems not supplied by aaNet.
  • Problems you may be experiencing with email.
  • Setting up wireless, or your computer to connect to the Internet.
  • Members Area or Email passwords
  • VoIP Setup or problems
  • Problems with the speed of your Internet service

You might find the aaNet forums to be of assistance for these types of matters. You can also check our Network Status page to see if there are any outages which may affect you.

Contacting the aaNet Faults Team

If you are connected to the Internet, and your Internet service is working you need to contact aaNet via email. If your Internet service is not working at all, you can report a fault via the Telephone.

Contact aaNet via Email

Email contact - available 24/7

Contact aaNet via Phone (only if you are unable to access the Internet at all)

Contact us - 1300 665 076

Helpdesk Contact hours:

Monday to Friday - 8am to 10pm AEST

Saturday to Sunday - 9am to 9pm AEST