What to expect after you order

Here is what to expect after you submit your application

  • Once you have submitted your application we will process this in our system and contact you for authorisation and to obtain any additional details that may be required
  • Under normal conditions we will receive a response within 24 hours providing an estimation of the completion date (connection date) for your service
  • aaNet will receive a notification from the upstream provider once the order is complete and will notify you quickly thereafter
  • This is when you should adjust your modem to use the username and password provided by aaNet
  • If all has gone smoothly you should be able to connect to the internet immediately

Connecting To Your ADSL Service

If you are using a modem provided by aaNet you should have received it before your line is activated. The modem is pre-activated and ready to use, simply plug the cables in as requried. Whether or not you are sourcing your modem from aaNet you will have received an email with your user name and password and other set up information. If you have lost that email, or never received it, the information it contains can be found by clicking here.

If you require more detailed assistance you should get that from the manual that comes with your modem or a knowledgeable friend. Some guidance is provided on either the aaNet User Help Forum or in the advice to be found in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on the left hand side of this page. It is very straight forward to set up an ADSL modem but if none of these aids is sufficient you will need to pay for a computer professional to assist you.