How to use the aaNet Helpdesk

Please read our helpdesk disclaimer.

The goal of a great Internet service provider is to provide the fastest and most reliable broadband connection and the most economical price to our customers. In some cases we need you to help us help you. aaNet provides support 7 days a week and we do this through various means to enable us to reduce costs for your service. The below links are the first place you should go to sort out your connection problems. Please do not call us about connection problems until you have been through the online help.

Telstra current, planned and resolved outages

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Connection problems

If you are an existing aaNet customer please read our connection trouble shooting.

If you are a new aaNet customer please read our installation guidelines.

Our user forum

Our user forums are the best place to get your issues solved immediately and it is free for everyone. aaNet forums are run by aaNet users just like yourself and you will find they are a very friendly and helpful group of people. All aaNet official notifications are posted here by an aaNet representative and this is a very important form of support for aaNet users. Someone that can perhaps help you with your problem, either a fellow user or an aaNet rep, is on the forums just about any hour of the day.

Welcome pack

If you have been to the forums and you cannot solve your problems view our welcome pack . This will help you setup your connection, emails settings and additionally provides some trouble shooting tips. This will resolve most of your issues.


Our frequently asked questions pages will provide some of the answers that are not included in the welcome pack. If you have been through the options above then you can contact us to resolve the issue.

Please Note: Your personal webspace is not supported via the helpdesk and the helpdesk phones are reserved for connection problems only. If you require support for your webspace issues you need to visit the aaNet user forums where other aaNet members will be pleased to help you with your problems.

Technical / Support FAQs

We first suggest you read the Support FAQs (these are completely separate to the Sales and Billing FAQs). In this clearly indexed file we have provided straightforward answers to problems that may be solved by providing some information in a simple to access, written form.

This information is in the form of frequently asked support questions and deals with a range of issues that an inexperienced user will often encounter, but may be simply solved with some information or some brief instructions, thus eliminating delays to fixing problems as this help is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

aaNet support contacts

Telephone enquiries should only be used for emergency connection problems, line drop outs and line sync issues. aaNet does not officially support any modems apart from Billion and Open Networks. Requests for assistance with modems that are not Billion or Open Networks should be addressed directly with your modem manufacturer or the aaNet Help Forum. View our instructions to setup your email.

If you are unable to connect to the Internet and you have followed the support guidelines on this site, contact us.