Billing FAQs

Billing issues can be very labour intensive and because of this we have provided some facilities in the members section to allow you to modify your billing details when they change. Keeping this up to date for us allows us to keep our service price at a minimum for all our users.

ADSL User Facilities

You can check invoices for the current and previous months on the "Your Invoices" page. Please download your invoices once a month and save them in a safe place for tax purposes.

You can check your download usage for the month, including any excess charge that has been accrued by using the "Usage Statistics" page.

You can change your credit card payment account or credit card details on the "Service Details" page.

You can upgrade your ADSL plan using the "Upgrade ADSL Plan" page.

You can change your contact details including telephone, email and fax contact points using the "Service Details" page.

Please note that this email address is the one that will be used by aaNet if we need to contact you via email.

Why don’t you take BPay or Cheque?

aaNet is not currently taking BPay or Cheque payments, because in order to provide the very best value service to our current customers we need to have billing work automatically. The overhead on BPay or Cheque payments and the subsequent follow-up of failed payments makes this far too labor intensive to be feasible.

I don’t want credit card. Is there any other way to pay?

Yes, however we do not recommend it. Please click here and read this page here to see information regarding Credit Card and Direct Debit

What happens when my credit card expires?

We provide a link in the members section under "Service Details" where you can change your credit card details securely. It is important that you use this facility to keep your current details up to date. If your credit card fails a payment it will attract a dishonor fee of $5 per day to a maximum $20 charge after 4 days. After your fourth dishonour charge your account will be disabled. After 14-30 (discretionary) days if you have not contacted us your service will be disconnected with Telstra at the exchange and if you are within your contract period you will be billed an early disconnection fee.

What happens when my credit card has insufficient funds?

If your card fails for four days in a row your account will be disabled.

What happens if there is a billing error?

If we have made a billing error then it should show up on our system and we will undertake to correct it as a first priority. If however it does not show up you will need to make us aware of this fact by contacting the Billing Department.

Can I deposit money directly in the aaNet bank account?

No, unfortunately we cannot do this but we do appreciate the intention. The fact is that we have tens of thousands of transactions a month and direct deposits are very hard to find. This is the same reason that we can't accept BPay, it is too costly a system to run and we would need dedicated billing staff to keep track of it.

Can I pay by cheque?

No, once again we can't accept payment by cheque due to the very large volume of payments that we have to keep track of on a daily basis.

What does aaNet do with bad debts?

Our money is recovered for us via a debt collecting agency in most cases. This is nothing personal but we do need to make all attempts to recover money outstanding if we are to stay in business for all of our other customers. Should the money prove to be unrecoverable then generally the customer will get a CRA default on their credit rating.

How do I cancel my ADSL service?

To cancel a service, you must log into your members area and select the 'cancel service' option. Here, it will inform you the last date you have pre-paid until, and allow you to select any date to cancel the service. The day after the service is canceled, aaNet will submit a request to our suppliers to have your ADSL codes removed. You must use this interface to cancel a service, even if you are transfering away, simply make sure your transfer is complete before your cancellation request date. If you have internet access, this is the only acceptable way to cancel an ADSL service, and close your account.