Changing or updating my billing details

There are two ways to update your billing details, and it depends on if you currently pay by Credit Card or Direct Debit.

Credit Card Customers

In order to change your Credit Card details please perform the following steps.

1. Login to your members area

2. Use the following details

Username: ADSL phone number
Password: Default is member

3. On the side menu select "Service Details" and follow the prompts to change your card details.

Direct Debit Customers - Please Read

Some customers may wish to use Direct Debit instead of a credit card. aaNet does provide this facility, however you need to understand why it is not a preferred option, for both you, and aaNet.

1. By using direct debit you expose yourself to much higher payment dishonor fees, from both aaNet, and your bank. aaNet charge $25 for each dishonor, and, your bank usually charges a fee too, anywhere from $25 to $50. This applies, no matter the reason for the dishonor.

2. Direct Debit is not an "interactive" payment method - a file is sent to the bank on a daily basis and rejections come back the next day. If your payment attempt is rejected, your account is then suspended. It then takes anywhere up to 5 business days to both re-attempt the payment, and then confirm the funds have cleared. Until we have confirmation that payment has cleared your internet will remain disabled, and you will be liable for ADSL access fees in the meantime.

3. If for some reason aaNet has made a mistake billing you, which is rare, then refunds take much longer to process - with a cheque needing to be drawn, and mailed - anywhere up to several weeks.

Credit Card gets around ALL of these issues, with much smaller payment dishonor fees, currently $5, and, on-the-spot interactive payment and refund systems meaning any issues can be cleared up, on the spot.

If you understand all of this, and still wish to continue using direct debit, then simply follow the instructions below:

1. Download the direct Debit Authority form - located here.

2. Fill in the form ensuring you check that the details are correct

3. Once complete send it to aaNet either fax or post , using the details on the top of the form.

Contacting the aaNet Billing Dept

To contact the aaNet billing dept please send an email using this form - click here

Please note that the aaNet billing department are not contactable via telephone. You must email your inquiry as per the instructions above.